Are you ready to connect your mind and your body using the tips and benefits you learned in our Free Flow videos? Flow on Demand is class style where you will follow along with your teacher as she leads you through yoga sequences, breathwork, mediations, and more.  


Just like our Free Flow videos these classes are curated with your health and safety in mind. Let us meet you where you are your

motherhood journey. 




Heidi's classes were hands-down one of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy. I fortunately landed a spot in her six-week prenatal yoga class during my second trimester and loved it so much that I immediately registered for her next set of classes.

Heidi creates a warm, welcoming space for every woman to show up just as she is. The classes are incredibly calming while also focusing on specific areas of the body that definitely deserve attention during pregnancy. Those 60 minutes were spent focusing focusing on just me and my babies, which I didn't realize I needed so badly in such a busy time of life.

In addition, Heidi's knowledge and advice is so vast - from fertility to postpartum care. She's a true gift to our community and I can't recommend her classes enough!

Heidi is such a light and much needed asset to the yoga and GR community! She has so much knowledge and care for pregnant mommas and her classes provide just the right amount of challenge, humor, and care needed to prepare for birth. She created a fantastic environment for everyone to share their path to mama-hood and gives so much of herself to support each unique need. As a first-timer, I loved her prenatal series to prepare for delivery. I was able to draw from all of the things I learned in class, and even though our birth went differently than planned, I was able to avoid medicinal pain management throughout my labor up until it was evident we would be going into an unplanned C. No doubt, the mindset I gained from class helped me to make the right decision for me and baby at the right time. I can’t wait to take the next steps with Heidi as I rebuild and get to know my new body!


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